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Living the Global Good Life

I’m a Californian currently living and working in London, and spending every weekend I can travelling. My Friday night happy hour is the race from the office to Gatwick (if I’m lucky), or Stansted or Luton (more likely), to pack in as much food, wine, art, and culture as possible, before I return to London tired and happy late Sunday night. The goal is to feel like I live in all the European towns and cities I visit; to find the best local restaurants, the little shops, the gallery shows or museums I’ll actually enjoy (not just the ones you have to go to). I sit and people watch, I walk everywhere, I eat more than I should to experience as many places as possible in a limited amount of time. In short, I gallivant all around Europe (most weekends), and the world (when vacation time permits). If you’re looking for travel tips that go beyond Trip Advisor and guidebook fare, cool restaurants that locals actually go to, or inspiration to fuel your own gallivanting, you’ve come to the right place. And if you have tips for me please get in touch.

Recent Travel

A long weekend in MALTA

Duration: 3 Days We had been curious about Malta for years. The little island (actually it's an archipelago) perched between Africa and Sicily has a rich history of rulers ranging from Romans to Moors to the Knights of Saint John, who ruled Malta as a vassal state of...

Where the heck are the AZORES islands?

Duration: 4 Days The Azores islands boast green rolling pastures, lake-filled calderas, and natural hot springs. It's an exotic destination for nature-lovers, hikers, and anyone who likes the idea of discovering some place in Europe that none of their friends have...

A very English weekend at The Pig on the Beach, Dorset

Duration: Weekend Before moving to England, we had heard about The Pig hotels from their infamous food and music festivals, Smoked and Uncut. We've since made it to stay at The Pig on the Beach twice (there are six Pig locations in total, and two on the way), and can...

Off the beaten path in PUGLIA

Duration: 6 Days We've been returning to Italy for decades, and have travelled to all of the typical tourist cities and towns, but our visit to Puglia offered a completely new way to experience the dolce vita of Italian life. In recent years, the buzz around Puglia...

A long weekend in PROVENCE

Duration: 3 Days Our trip was only three days, but felt like a week off in the best way. We spent languid afternoons sipping rosé by the pool, took long walks through vineyards and castle ruins, and strolled through charming hill towns. Of course we could have stayed...

La Gallivanter’s favorites

1. San Sebastian, Spain 

For a weekend focused on food, food, and more food, I’ve never eaten so well in my life. 

2. Tobago

One of those trips where the people stay with you long after you’ve come home

3. Venice in January

None of the headache, all of the beauty. Venice is one of the most astoundingly beautiful and photogenic cities in the world. Just don’t go there when the rest of the world does if you hope to actually enjoy yourself