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Living the Global Good Life

I’m a Californian currently living and working in London, and spending every weekend I can travelling. My Friday night happy hour is the race from the office to Gatwick (if I’m lucky), or Stansted or Luton (more likely), to pack in as much food, wine, art, and culture as possible, before I return to London tired and happy late Sunday night. The goal is to feel like I live in all the European towns and cities I visit; to find the best local restaurants, the little shops, the gallery shows or museums I’ll actually enjoy (not just the ones you have to go to). I sit and people watch, I walk everywhere, I eat more than I should to experience as many places as possible in a limited amount of time. In short, I gallivant all around Europe (most weekends), and the world (when vacation time permits). If you’re looking for travel tips that go beyond Trip Advisor and guidebook fare, cool restaurants that locals actually go to, or inspiration to fuel your own gallivanting, you’ve come to the right place. And if you have tips for me please get in touch.

Recent Travel

An art-filled winter weekend in BASEL

Duration: Weekend Basel makes for a perfect culture-packed weekend. The airport is close to the center of town (the 50 bus takes you directly from the airport to the city center - do NOT waste money on a taxi), and it packs far above its weight in the art department....

Our Tanzanian bucket list trip continues in ZANZIBAR

Duration: 11 Days in Tanzania (6 in Zanzibar) We've been to our share of island paradises, but we can't say enough about the clear sparkling waters, the expanses of bright blue sea in the distance, and the sugary whiteness of the sand in Zanzibar that makes it all...

A bucket list Safari in TANZANIA

Duration: 11 Days in Tanzania (4 on safari) Our time in Tanzania and Zanzibar (the island is technically part of Tanzania but we will do two separate writeups as there's so much to share) exceeded all of our highest hopes for an African safari. We have dreamed of a...

A weekend in FLORENCE

Duration: Weekend It's always tourist season in Florence. We've visited in the summer (not recommended), the spring, and recently came in September hoping to escape the crowds. We didn't. The city is tiny, and has so many world renowned museums (most notably the...

PARIS is always a good idea

Duration: A weekend, a week, a month... What can we say about Paris that hasn't already been said? It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, though it is often grey and melancholy, and Parisians love to complain. It has some of the best food in the world,...

Off the beaten path on the French Riviera: ÈZE

Duration: 2 Days With just two days, we wanted to lay in the sun, swim in the sea, and do little else. Nice was too big and too much of a 'city' on the beach, Antibes was perfect last summer, but we wanted to discover a new town along the famed French Riviera. After...

La Gallivanter’s favorites

1. San Sebastian, Spain 

For a weekend focused on food, food, and more food, I’ve never eaten so well in my life. 

2. Tobago

One of those trips where the people stay with you long after you’ve come home

3. Venice in January

None of the headache, all of the beauty. Venice is one of the most astoundingly beautiful and photogenic cities in the world. Just don’t go there when the rest of the world does if you hope to actually enjoy yourself